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EduPrism Consultancy is an educational consultancy based in Pune, India. Our prime focus is to provide academic guidance to students between 8th grade and graduation. We want students to know what educational course they could pursue and how it can shape their careers. Learning about the right academic paths leads to students leading happier and more successful lives. Having proper guidance at this age is vital for the students’ bright future and their careers. Advice from the right persons intrigues the children’s imaginations and curiosity, whereas wrong people’s opinions could hurt the child’s future. Although steps like these might seem small and irrelevant at this point, they have an amplifying effect as years pass on. Young children tend to remember events that parents or other adults might deem small or inconsequential. To make a long-lasting positive impact we work tirelessly to provide the students with the right information at the right time.

Why Choose Us?

Our motivation

Dear students and parents, Students between standards 8th to graduation are in very crucial years of their lives. In these years, they have to choose their educational paths which in effect is to choose their career paths. While some students are very keen on choosing a career, their paths are based upon their friends’ choices or just because their parents are urging them. Selecting an educational course is a one-way road with little hopes of going back to square one. Selecting a wrong path can have disastrous consequences and it’s hard to return from a poor choice of this magnitude. The effects of choosing the wrong educational path are well known and it’s hard for us to turn a blind eye towards it.


Our mission is to provide students with the best possible advice regarding the education they should pursue. We envision ourselves to provide solutions to individuals and organisations to promote education and the possibilities that it opens up. The mission is to encourage students to choose educational paths that make them happy and reduce the societal pressures of what is considered a good academic course.


To reach our mission statement, we want to upgrade education’s influence on individuals and the community as a whole. We will spread knowledge about education’s significance in individual lives and how it is the right choice. We want to collaborate with individuals, parents, organisations and society to facilitate the growth of education in India.

Our Team

Ankit Chopda (CEO)

is our founding partner. Ankit’s initial alma mater was The Bishops High School, Pune, followed by S. M. Choksey Junior college, Pune, where he pursued the science stream. Ankit then studied Production Engineering from Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune. After pursuing his engineering degree, Ankit studied at the prestigious Technical University of Munich, Germany, where he was awarded a Masters Degree in Management and Innovation. Ankit in his free time, is an avid reader of political science, economics and cutting-edge technology worldwide. Ankit also has educational experience from the highly-rated Tsinghua University, China. 

 Ankit became a part of this program after realizing how many people near him have either received very poor advice or none at all. These individuals further switch their careers as their career interests and educational paths don’t match or continue a career they are not happily pursuing. He also realizes that there are so many paths that he didn’t know until he became a part of this program. Ankit has always encouraged education and its importance in the day to day lives of individuals. Having studied and worked worldwide, Ankit possesses the right know-how of all the technologies and opportunities present around the globe.

Krisha Shah (Chief Psychologist)

is a psychologist and a founding member of EduPrism. Her schooling was at St. Helena’s School, Pune. Followed by which she was in St. Mira’s College. Owing to her interest in helping the society, she took up the study of psychology and secured a bachelor’s in it. While studying for her bachelor’s in psychology, she fell in love with teaching and educating children and later chose to pursue a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. In 2019 she pursued a postgraduate diploma in school psychology. During her bachelor’s studies, she also studied the topic ‘effect of art therapy on students pursuing Civil Services.’ Her paper on ‘psychological well-being and mindfulness in smokers and non-smokers’ also got her national attention when her article was published in the prestigious Indian Association of Mental Health.

She has also extensively volunteered at an NGO to spread awareness and educate children on suicide, addiction, self-awareness, goal setting, etc. 

She believes choosing the right educational path can nurture a student’s future and increases the scope of self-development. Her motivation to be a part of this project is to help kids and make a difference to society.

Kunal Banthia (MD)

by profession, is a civil engineer and an avid marketeer. He’s an alumnus of Cardiff University from where he pursued an MSc in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy. Furthermore, it was here where he developed valuable skills like marketing, public speaking, negotiating and networking. These skills ultimately proved essential to Kunal which guided him in co-creating EduPrism. He is an entrepreneur who works in real estate, garment manufacturing and digital marketing spaces. 

Education can be available at the touch of one button in today’s world. Still, Kunal believes the quality of education and choosing the right education streams is often an undervalued and an overlooked fact. Kunal has a personal motivation to become a powerful force behind making children choose favorable streams for education and work to ultimately help them lead a prosperous and financially stable life.


It all started when, in 2019, Ankit noticed that many students didn’t know what they wanted to study. The few students who knew what they wanted to learn did not see the path to pursue their goals. Moreover, some students were forced to study courses they didn’t like because people around them thought that these courses have a ‘good scope in the future’ or even worse, the students pursued courses because their friends were opting for the same courses. The importance of establishing EduPrism was further enforced when Ankit himself did not know about all the possibilities until he was in the 2nd year of engineering. This incident highlighted that even those with resources had limited access to the right data and guidance. 


Upon realising this, Ankit reached out to Kunal, a childhood friend, and Krisha, a family friend, and pitched the idea of an educational and career consultancy. Both Kunal and Krisha were immediately intrigued and wanted to be a part of the project due to the social impact and the lives it could nurture. Krisha, having already received her Master’s degree in psychology and knowing her love to nurture and care for students as well as guiding them, had no problems to commit to the idea while Kunal, having studied in prestigious institutes around the world, already knew the impact that education had on himself and the influence it had on the society for improvement.

All 3 of the founding partners have full-time jobs and didn’t want to pursue this project for its finances. They started this project keeping only one thing in mind – its impact on the children and its significance in their development. While developing the process, Krisha stressed on the importance of having trustworthy and reliable psychometrics. All the founding members had a unanimous consensus that this project has to be done with 100% ingenuity and honesty. 

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