Frequently asked questions

- Can a student outside Pune apply for services?

Yes, anyone irrespective of their location is eligible for our services. We are a technology-driven establishment and all of our services can be accessed digitally. While meeting in person always helps us give better service, we will go the extra mile to ensure our students and clients are content and satisfied with our digital services.

- Why is taking educational counselling important?

Taking educational advice is always good but it is also equally important to take it from the right people. Taking educational advice from someone who has not pursued that path themselves may lead to misguidance, partiality and poor guidance. These things can affect the student’s choice of path, which might negatively affect the child’s mental state and may affect their performance, self-growth, and motivation. While it may not look like significant steps at such a young age, even small changes in educational paths can have very long-lasting effects. If we encourage a student to choose a path that s/he enjoys or are happy studying, they would likely have higher satisfaction and more success in their careers as well.

- When is the right time to consult an educational consultant?

Classes 8th to 12th are very critical years of a person’s life and hence they become the most appropriate time to seek professional advice. While one must seek advice at any point of their lives where they feel the need to, we recommend professional advice for students between 8th to 12th grade.

- Who are the experts going to be?

During the expert interaction sessions, the students will interact with individuals who have pursued the choice options chosen by the students. These experts are industry leaders who present an unbiased opinion of the educational field recommended and the future scope, advantages and disadvantages of the field. 90% of our experts will have had foreign education from top tier universities which will enable them to present a larger picture in front of the student.

- What are the psychological assessments?

Psychological assessment is a tool that helps in understanding an individual and provides valuable insights into the individual’s behaviour, skills, thoughts and their personality. These assessments also reveal factors that are also unknown to the person themselves.

- What would be the duration of the assessment?

We have 2 assessment tools. The first one is an interests’ test that takes about 15 to 20 minutes. This test comes in the Sow package which is free of cost. The second test is a multi-dimensional test that takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. While it is recommended to finish the test in one sitting, the test can also be completed in 2 sittings based on the comfort of the student. Both the tests do not require the student to study any subjects.

- What would the final report contain?

The report generated would be completely based on the answers marked by the individual without any bias involved. It would be a detailed report that would have a complete analysis based on the 5 major dimensions which are orientation style, interests, aptitude, personality and emotional intelligence (EQ). This report will be quantitative in nature and provide exact scoring of over 50 attributes.

- If I choose the Seed package can I upgrade to further packages?

Yes definitely, you can always choose to upgrade to the Stem or Sapling package. 

However, we would always recommend choosing the Sapling package at the first go as it helps us to give the best services and manage the resources. The Sapling package is tailor-made to every student’s requirement and provides wholesome development.

- What are the after service advantages of EduPrism?

Our services don’t end the moment we give you the final road map. You can always depend on our support. We will provide you with lifetime access to the career library of the 5 fields recommended to you. You will also be invited to join the EduPrism Alumni Group where you can share your experiences as well as learn from others’ experiences. This will also be a platform for you to meet seniors of your educational field.

- Promotional policies

  • Are you an individual? – if you refer us to one of your friends or peers then you get one extra expert session from us.
  • Are you a group? – pay for 5 students and get services for 6 students.
  • Schools and education institutes – We will customise plans for every organisation according to the demands and requirements.  Kindly reach out to us via E-email or phone call.
  • Want to be an expert? – Please fill the contact us form and let us know your expertise.
- How many seats are available?

We have only 20 seats per month. We cannot accept even one more seat as our focus is to provide the students with the best possible guidance and experts. Having more than 20 students will force us to reduce our quality of services due to the lack of availability of our experts and time. Thus, we will encourage you to book a seat fast.

- Where are we located and what are the office timings?

We are located in Camp, Pune, India. Our office timings are morning 9 AM to 8 PM. We request you to book a prior appointment to avoid inconvenience.

- What are the Payment Methods?

Once you have decided which package you want you can directly pay the amount via –

  1. GooglePay – +91 77200 55035
  2. UPI ID  – eduprism.in@okhdfcbank
  3. Bank Account Details –
    Account Number: 50200055054440
    IFSC: HDFC0005527
    Branch: MUKUND NAGAR
    City: Pune

After making the payment kindly call us to confirm the receipt of payment and we can begin with the service.

- Security and confidentiality

Security and privacy of our clients is of utmost priority to us. We understand that students and parents don’t want details of their interactions with us to be shared and we respect that. All of the data (report, conversations and assessment) can be stored or deleted depending upon the request of the parents. We take data security very seriously and assure you that all your information will be stored in safe and secure devices. We also assure you that no third party will get this data.

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