One question that is prominent when we grow up is what you want to become when you grow up. A lot of us look up to our parents and teachers and decide what we want to become but do we really give a thought to if we have the right aptitude and interest to become what we aspire to become. That is when a psychological assessment comes and helps you weigh out what career options would be the best for you to take up.
We at EduPrism, a Career and an Educational Consultancy, help you to get the best fit career matches for yourself. We encourage you to take up what you are passionate about and what is the best career suited to you. The assessment is based on 5 dimensions namely orientation style, interest, personality, aptitude and emotional quotient. This assessment generates a career discovery report which not only helps you to make an education and career choice but also tells your areas of strengths and weaknesses that you can work upon.