Today there seems to be an infinitely large pool of educational options. Students and parents are asked to make a lot of these hard choices since 8th standard itself. New governmental educational policies allowing students to pick and choose from a larger spectrum of subjects have made these choices even more difficult with far-reaching consequences. In times such as these, taking advice from professionals who are equipped with the right tools, analysis methods and up-to-date knowledge can make these choices easier. 

Professionals have:-

  1. Right tools such as psychometric tests that analyze several factors which cannot be easily measured by talking. Up-to-date tests can help reveal several factors which can be life-changing.
  2. Professionals are bound to have more updated knowledge with current trends and the future of educational paths. Paths such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing or Additive Manufacturing are more than just buzz-words and understanding them is very important before committing a student’s future to it. 
  3. Good professionals give an unbiased opinion about the students. Professionals have no judgments or pre-existing notions about the children and analyze the students with a clean slate. 
  4. Good professionals not only help in understanding and analyze students but also provide strong developmental plans so that the students can improve on factors that they lack.
  5. Good professionals also have degrees that are recognized by medical associations, international universities and governmental organizations.

We highly urge parents and students to check the credentials and qualifications of professionals before committing to one. Good counselors will generally have more than just certificates from organizations. Most of these certificates are just a few days’ courses that are very misleading which can never be compared with degrees given to graduates that have studied even small details for years. It is also very important to choose the right experts to help the students and parents. Experts who have themselves followed the educational paths can give a detailed explanation of what are the advantages, disadvantages, scope and future of the field when compared to a generic counselor.