An aptitude is an innate inborn ability or capacity to learn to do a certain kind of work. Your aptitude plays a critical role in your career selection. An Aptitude test measures a student’s skills, strengths, and weaknesses in the domains of understanding the ability that a student acquires.

Career Selection is a vital decision that an individual has to make. Every career needs a certain kind of aptitude or combination of aptitudes. Also, if one’s aptitude matches the career choice they have selected, it gives them a greater ability to excel in their career choice. Getting an aptitude test done before a career decision would prove to be a helpful tool for introspecting.

Having an interest in becoming a designer is very different from possessing the aptitude to become one. Therefore interest and aptitude are two very different aspects and identifying them is necessary to make a career decision.



The test we use at EduPrism, a career and education consultancy, has domains such as abstract reasoning, verbal aptitude, logical reasoning, creative aptitude, spatial aptitude, language usage, numerical aptitude, infotech aptitude, mechanical aptitude, and perceptual aptitude.

We, at EduPrism, recommend you to appear for our multi-dimensional test, which along with an interest, personality, EQ, and orientation style gives a wholesome analysis to pursue a desired educational path.

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